Our Firm

Our goal is to help our clients succeed by providing the highest quality legal services in an efficient, cost-effective manner.

Our Attorneys

Our attorneys have worked on matters involving:

Their past experiences include:

Working in administrative agencies such as the United States Department of Justice, the Federal Trade Commission, the United States Department of Energy, the Solicitor General's Office, as well as in the United States Congress, holding positions as arbitrators and mediators and serving as law clerks in various federal Courts of Appeals and District Courts.

Our Services

Through close collaboration among our attorneys, and by working as a team with in-house counsel, we work to:

  • Resolve controversies through court or agency litigation, or through alternative means of dispute resolution
  • Highlight the public merit of our clients' private activities by ensuring that decision-makers understand why and how an enterprise benefits the public interest
  • Devise and implement strategies to define or redefine the legal environment for our clients' activities
  • Establish antitrust and other compliance programs, develop corporate codes of conduct and board committee charters, and conduct regulatory audits
  • Advise on corporate strategy and governance issues, and assist in internal investigations
  • Help clients manage the problems and opportunities presented by legislation or regulatory schemes governing a wide range of industries
  • Represent clients in negotiations over such matters as industry standards, allocations of resources and jurisdictional responsibilities, as well as the design and execution of multi-party litigation, regulatory and legislative strategies
  • Counsel with respect to securities law and transactional matters

Our Billing Philosophy

Our billing philosophy is consistent with our firm perspective in that we are committed to billing fairly and transparently, with the understanding that our clients are operating within budgets that must be carefully managed. We have set our hourly rates at levels that are consistent with, and often below, the rates of firms that handle comparable matters, and we absorb in our overhead many of the costs that other firms charge separately. For example, we do not bill for internal copying, faxing, long distance telephone charges, or secretarial overtime. Contact us to discuss a billing arrangement that will fit your needs.